Above Standard

“Our two boys both attended EDSE for preschool, and it was a perfect fit for us!  The boys were well-cared for and loved by their teachers, their classmates became lasting friends, and they were well prepared for the move to kindergarten.  In fact, our kindergarten teacher asked what program EDSE uses to prepare students for reading, commenting that the EDSE kids had reading skills much above standard."--Casey, mom to a 2017 and a 2019 graduate

Academic Readiness

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Episcopal Day School of Evergreen!!! Both of my girls attended from the age of 1 all the way through Pre-K.  They were well loved and cared for in every classroom.  I also have the perspective of a local elementary school teacher. I can say without hesitation that ESDE students are well prepared for Kindergarten. The schools focus on students social-emotional readiness as well as academic readiness. I would highly recommend EDSE to any family."-- Megan Walker, mother of two graduates, teacher at Marshdale Elementary

Hands-On Experiences

“Not only did both of my children love their time at EDSE, but they were very well prepared for kindergarten as well. The kids loved their teachers and we always felt well informed on what they were doing and how well they were doing it. Even now, they still talk about activities at EDSE like searching for the gingerbread man or touring the pumpkin patch. It was a great, safe and educational place for our kids to spend three years.” -- Joe K, dad of two 

Kindness and Care

“EDSE did an amazing job at preparing our son for kindergarten. He entered elementary school confidently knowing the skills required to start off strong. He has been one of the top students in his class from the beginning. Also, going in with friends he made at EDSE made the transition that much easier with familiar friends faces to help with the uneasiness that comes with a new experience. Now our daughter is going to EDSE having starting her earlier than we did our son knowing the benefits and she too is excelling. We are so grateful for the kindness and care they have had and are having for our kids.” –Andy, dad of a 2019 graduate and a current student

Attention to Individual Needs

“When the time came to enroll my son in a preschool I was so nervous about selecting a program.  When I found EDSE I felt a sense of comfort right away with the staff and location.  My son is a very intelligent and sensitive child and his teachers (for both years he attended) were so tuned into his needs.  He was challenged academically, and given the nurturing environment he needed to begin his journey of social/peer development.  The communication with the staff was excellent, and when challenges arose, as they always will with these little people, the challenge was met with a team approach of support and encouragement.  He was so well prepared for kindergarten he hit the ground running, and continues to be at the top of his class as he is now in first grade.  I couldn't have asked for more from a preschool experience.” - Devan, mom of a 2018 graduate

Social-Emotional Development

“Our son started at EDSE when he was two and stayed through his Pre-K year. His teachers were wonderful, providing us with regular feedback and making him feel secure and confident. We appreciated how welcoming and nurturing the school was and the extra lengths the staff went to to create special learning experiences for each age group. The school fostered our son's love of learning and prepared him very well with foundational academic and social-emotional skills for kindergarten. He's been thriving in kindergarten because of the foundation he got at EDSE. We highly recommend EDSE! ” – Jennifer, mom of a 2019 graduate